Barsam Trading Company

Barsam Trading Company

It is proudly one of the activists of the polymer industry in Iran, which focuses on the production and supply of quality polymer products, especially in the field of masterbatch, compounds and polyethylene pipes. By using advanced technologies and an experienced team, we are always trying to meet the diverse needs of different industries by providing superior products.

Our mission

Our mission at Barsam Trading is to provide high quality polymer raw materials for various industries and create innovative solutions in the production of masterbatch, compounds, polyethylene pipes and related products. We are committed to providing products with international standards and continuously improving our production processes to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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Our products

Masterbatch: Barsam Trading is a producer of various masterbatches with superior characteristics of color, heat resistance, optical stability and mechanical properties. These products are widely used in the packaging, automotive, construction and home appliance industries.

Compound: We supply the needs of electronics, medicine, agriculture and many other industries by producing quality polymer compounds. These products ensure the improvement of the physical and chemical properties of polymeric materials.

Polyethylene pipes: Barsam polyethylene pipes with high resistance to corrosion, pressure and chemicals are an ideal choice for irrigation, gas and water and sewage systems. We have satisfied domestic and foreign customers with high quality products in accordance with global standards.

Commitment to quality and sustainability

By observing the principles of sustainability and social responsibility, Barsam Trading is always trying to play a positive role in preserving the environment by reducing environmental effects and improving production processes. The use of quality raw materials and advanced technologies in the production process guarantees the provision of products that not only meet the needs of customers but also comply with environmental standards.

international relations

By focusing on quality and innovation, Barsam Trading has succeeded in gaining a special place in the international markets. With a wide network of customers and business partners around the world, we export our products to different countries. From Europe and America to Asia and Africa, our products are well received and admired for their high quality and competitive price.

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Our vision

Our vision in Barsam Trading is to continue the path of progress and development in the polymer industry, expanding our presence in global markets and maintaining customer satisfaction. Relying on technical knowledge, experience and innovation, we are determined to be recognized as one of the top producers of polymer products in the world.

By focusing on quality, innovation and sustainability, Barsam Trading is ready to remain a pioneer and leader in the polymer industry by providing distinctive products and services and be a lasting name in the field of international trade.